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  1. Matt Corby- Resolution EP

    July 30, 2013 by Hannah

    credit: Dan Curwin

    credit: Dan Curwin

    Every summer there are albums released that are self-classified as the “perfect summer playlist,” full of fast-tempo rage songs. Why does everyone think that’s what summer music is all about? Sometimes we just want to lounge by pool instead of partying by it. For those sunny but calm afternoons, Matt Corby’s EP Resolution should be set on repeat. This three-song EP is unusual because each song has a different sound, but each is all connected by the same angelic voice.

    Corby’s voice can be compared to that of Dallas Green of City and Colour but also to the styles of One Republic. His song “Resolution” begins ghostly and eerie, but then picks up becoming a soulful and empowering piece. One commenter on Soundcloud described this song as “ear sex,” which this song would be if that was a real thing.

    His other two songs on this EP, “Evangelist” and “Lay You Down,” are pure masterpieces. “Evangelist” is eight and a half minutes full of his wondrous voice. Even the name of the song suggests that Mr. Corby knows how gospel-pure his vocals are. The last song “Lay You Down” keeps a slow rhythm throughout but doesn’t fail to have those chilling moments that give us musical frisson.

    Fall in love with this new EP.


  2. Do You Hold On When You Get Love?

    July 12, 2013 by Steph

    Stars hold on when you get love video screenshot

    Even as self-assured adults, there are times when each of us doubts ourselves. We wonder if we’re as talented or creative as we thought. Whether we’re as pretty or handsome as we’d come to believe. Whether we deserve what we have.

    When you’re having a rough day or doubting yourself, you only need a few seconds of this video to give you a tripple dose injection of optimism and I dare you to fend off a smile. The reckless abandon, confidence, and radiance of this drag party gives a perfect vision to this inspiring song “Hold on When You Get Love” by Stars.

    This quote from Toquil Campell (co-lead singer / songwriter) about the meaning behind the video was so perfect and hit me in such a profound way, I had to share it:

    “I wanted to make a video that celebrated the following things: (more…)

  3. Friday Fav: The Best 5 Videos from My Inbox

    June 21, 2013 by Steph


    I’ve come to the realization that no matter how hard I try or how diligent I am about keeping up with my inbox, there’s just no way that I can relay all of the amazing tunes that I receive. In an attempt to keep up, I’ll be sharing my “Friday Favs,” a compilation of some of the best things to come my way. Enjoy…


    “Luck Now” by Big Scary

    I’m going to have to bring you more on this band later, because there is so much love happening here.  This Aussie duo just signed to Barsuk and their album Not Art is due out September 17th. Preparing for obsession then. (more…)

  4. Owlle – Ticky Ticky Remix EP

    June 16, 2013 by Steph

    I’ve found that in the last year I’ve become more and more drawn to really great electro pop. I’m not talking anything they’re playing on your local top 40 station. I mean, really great, original, unique stylings. That is everything that French electro pop diva Owlle brings to the table. Her icy etherial sound mixed with playful synth tinkering falls somewhere between a brooding Ellie Goulding and a more playful Lykki Li.

    She recently released the Ticky Ticky Remix EP with remixes by Team Ghost, Grum, Strip Steve and Moonlight Matters. Of the three “Ticky Ticky” remixes, I prefer the first by Strip Steve with it’s vocal glitches. Then, the EP ends with a remix of “Disorder” which I would argue even outdoes the original.

    You can listen to the whole thing here: (more…)

  5. Young Wonder – Show Your Teeth EP

    June 5, 2013 by Steph


    Young Wonder’s EP Show Your Teeth released on May 6th, has been the object of my aural obsession for the last two weeks. In particular, two of the tracks have been on repeat–“Time” feat. Sacred Animals (another artist that I love) and “To You.”

    First, let me ask you–how often do you fully experience music? Not just listen, but find the music so visceral that you feel it pulsating? Young Wonder has the magical ability to sync all of the senses and envelop you in the beats and sweeping melody. It’s a sensory experience. (more…)

  6. HEAR THIS: Laurel Collective – “They Hate Me”

    April 5, 2012 by Steph

    Upbeat indie pop from London, Laurel Collective is groovy, noisy, and uber-cool. They signed with an offshoot of Domino Records, Double Six, in their infancy. A sensational introduction to the band with “They Hate Me,” I’m dying to see what these guys come up with on their upcoming debut via Tape Club/Believe.

    Aside from working on their own music, they also do their part to foster the indie scene. Apparently they host a now-famous secret festival in a remotely-located forest (called In the Woods), which has featured the likes of Micachu and the Shapes, The Invisible, Pete and the Pirates, and Anna Calvi on the bill. They also hosted a regular night called ‘Hindenburg Mile-High Club’ for a short time in London.

    Seems like I should have heard of these guys by now. Have you?


  7. Anna Vogelzang

    February 6, 2012 by Steph

    It’s practically impossible for me to stop dancing in my seat as I write this. Anna, a soulful alto, has written a deliciously-saccharine  pop song. Think Hall & Oats “You Make My Dreams Come True,” but with a female vocalist, more handclaps, and set in something more adorable and teen like Freaky Friday or A Cinderella Story. Ok…. maybe it’s my 15-year-old self that loves this.

    Her album Canary In A Coal Mine will be released on February 28th via Paper Anchor Music.

  8. WATCH THIS: The Ting Ting – “Hang It Up”

    October 21, 2011 by Steph

    The Brit duo are back and still incredibly catchy pop with a slight hip-hop twinge bringing a video inspired by San Diego via 1999. Dig it.

  9. WATCH THIS: Neon Indian – “Polish Girl”

    September 26, 2011 by Steph

    Neon Indian “Polish Girl” from Dot & Effects on Vimeo.

    Who doesn’t love some dreamy electro pop from Neon Indian?

    via, tip from @kakakakalem [directed by Tim Nackashi and produced in collaboration between The Creators Project, Neon Indian, and Mom + Pop Music]