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Wavves – “That’s On Me”

August 28, 2013 by Cam



I’m so hungry. All those people eating ribs. It was a little discombobulating in the middle of Wavves’ new music video “That’s On Me,” but all in all still looked delicious.

Now, I may be a sick individual if I can watch this video, which graphically filets a hanging pig, and leave hungry. But not everyone can enjoy a song which in one line says “You’ll regret your whole life” and in the next says, whatever. Wavves has been doing weird shit like this throughout their career and, let’s be honest, their music has always been a little off-kilter. They’re constantly bridging the real and the absurd, whether that be sonically or visually. This Waves track is the next in a line from these disenchanted rockers that I can get fully on board with.

It’s in the same vein as FIDLAR’s “Cheap Beer,” Cloud Nothing’s “Wasted Days” (which lyrically laments, “I thought I would be more than this”), and Male Bonding’s similar surrenderings: “Be careful what you dream about / There’s not always ways out.” There is a string of these bands similarly aligned with Wavves in that they are completely unenthused about the choices left for them. And they use their music to say, “fuck it.” Wavves’ hooky chord progressions continue, but the videos and lyrical content have just gotten a little more grim. “A welcomed change,” says one blog writer.

Wavves also shows off their ingenuity in this video by producing it for a total of $0 via a partnership with Cold Steel Knives. Who said corporate sponsorship can’t be cool? Anything that involves (FREE) swords is almost always awesome.
Check out the extended Cold Steel informercial Wavves video below.

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