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  1. Manchester Orchestra, Sleeper Agent, & Twilight Sleep

    June 8, 2011 by Steph

    Twilight Sleep

    Twilight Sleep

    The first band to take the stage was Los Angeles’ own Twilight Sleep. Their contribution to the night was moody, noisy pop backlit with blues and purples to set the mood. “Broken Record” stood out as a leading track for the band, as if Silversun Pickups paired with White Sea’s synth. Their aesthetic certainly translated well live, with the front woman sporting a hood and a slinking around stage.

    Sleeper Agent

    Sleeper Agent

    Sleeper Agent took the stage next and looked much younger than their songs let on. They had to prove themselves to the rest of the audience, but already being a fan I got to sit back and enjoy. They opened with the noisy and riotous “Sugar Cane” and singers Alex and Tony dominated the stage along with the rest of the sextet. “Get It Daddy” was a stand-out of the set and by the time time they played it, the audience had started to warm to the garage pop dominating the Music Box. They kicked ass, took names, and certainly won over many of the Manchester Orchestra fans. They put on a show that lived up to their album Celabrasion and I cannot wait to see more from this band. (Check out more in my interview with the band).

    Manchester Orchestra

    Manchester Orchestra

    The headliner began quietly, opening to a near-black stage. Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra was illuminated as they opened with the title track of their newest album “Simple Math.” With full power behind each note, Manchester Orchestra spoke little, letting the music say everything. They played a brand new minute-and-a-half song “Bananas” along with “100 Dollars,” “Mean Everything to Nothing,” “Virgins,” “The Only One”  and “Pitsacola” (which he seemed surprised that the crowd liked) among many many others. They played a perfect balance of new and old tracks and the whole audience seemed to know the words to every one. Somehow Manchester is a band that has managed to retain their cool factor as they’ve gotten bigger and they draw in fans from all walks of life. Being a part of that crowd was quite an honor.

    As the band wrapped their set, after so few words between songs, Hull hushed the whole crowd (very adamantly) and gave the most sincere thank you I’ve ever heard from a rock band, thanking the fans for their support in seeing the show. The band closed with “Now That You’re Home” from Like a Virgin Losing a Child and it was clear that the music means everything to Manchester Orchestra. And that’s why the music means so much to so many people.

  2. Interview with Sleeper Agent

    May 31, 2011 by Steph

    Sleeper AgentSleeper Agent’s debut album Celabrasion has not stopped spinning since I received it in the mail less than a week ago. It will be out on Mom & Pop on August 16th and they just set out on a tour with Cage the Elephant and Manchester Orchestra. If the above points aren’t enough to tell you that “these guys fucking rock,” then I’ll spell it out for you: their take-no-prisoners high-energy garage rock is only properly experienced at high volume and with repeat listens.

    I was recently given the opportunity to interview Sleeper Agent. No bullshit.

    S: First off, Sleeper Agent is a sextet, which is a pretty large group. How did you all meet? What’s the dynamic like?

    Sleeper Agent: A lot of us have been playing together or watching each other’s bands for years (as far back as 2004). Bands would crumble and I guess we’re the hodgepodge of a scene from yesteryear. Alex, joined in 2010. She’s from Ohio, we met her whilst she was opening for Sleeper Agent’s original lineup in 2008.

    S: Also, you all have nicknames–Tutone, Kidd, Keyser, Grizzlee, Saga, and Junior. How did those come about and do you go by those on a daily basis?

    SA: We don’t take ourselves too seriously and the nicknames have become a way of rib-poking each other (i.e, Alex is by far the youngest [Kidd], Tony plays with no pedals using only a clean or distorted channel [Tutone)]) Depending on our mood, we’ll interchange the real names and nicknames.

    S: You and Cage the Elephant are the only two bands I can think of from Bowling Green, KY. You’ve also toured with them quite a bit. Are you all close?

    SA: Justin, Tony and Scott have been stomping around with those guys since they were in Perfect Confusion. We consider them family.

    S: Are there any other bands in Bowling Green that we should know about?

    SA: Schools ( ). They’re on their way up. By far our favorite show to catch on break. We saw them four times on our last break.

    S: Some of my favorite bands have guy/girl duo vocals. When you started the band, was there anyone you were emulating or did you just think “we both have great voices, let’s both sing”? … (more…)

  3. Manchester Orchestra’s new track “Virgin”

    April 27, 2011 by Steph

    Some experimental alt rock from the lovely Manchester Orchestra. The taunting chorus of youngsters coupled with the minor keys creates a dark and eerie mood for “Virgins.”

    “We build this house with our with our hands / and our time / and our blood.”