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  1. holychild – Best Friends

    July 11, 2013 by Cam


    Sometimes I notice people passing by with headphones that render them completely oblivious. They are eyes closed, air drumming, pianoing or guitaring, head wobbling like a watermelon about to topple from the picnic table. I can’t help but wonder how they’ve reached this complete lack of self awareness. But sometimes I find myself on the other end, like when holychild’s “Best Friends (DADO remix)” comes on and suddenly, my leg jubilantly finds the rhythm and the next thing I know I’m air-xylophoning in public–no common feat.

    If holychild’s “Best Friends” was your way-too-early summer anthem, then here’s a remix to get holychild right back into your “Backyard Bash” playlist. The remix is a juiced-up, put-into-a-machine-and-synthesized-out version of the already unfairly catchy original. And if you’re less of a Drake guy/gal, and more into CHVRCHES and Purity Ring but still want to announce your love and exclusivity towards your friends using the glory of music, then look no further.

    Look out for more experimental pop from the band that “can’t be boxed in” this fall when they’ll be dropping their new EP.

  2. MNDR’s “Cut Me Out (Kingdom Remix)”

    July 21, 2011 by Steph

    Loving this! Don’t have too long to write but wanted to share a great track today…

    “Their music has been infiltrating the web since early 2010 & already garnered fans around the globe, but MNDR a.k.a. Amanda Warner & co-producer/co-writer Peter Wade 1st came together 1 year ago when Warner moved to New York from Oakland, CA. Warner’s melodic sense & underground noise/art influences coupled with Wade’s interest in merging non-traditional sounds with polished songs has proven to be a perfect marriage of minds. In less than 6 months, MNDR has toured the world opening for acts including Miike Snow, & Massive Attack. MNDR continues to be a band member with Mark Ronson & The Business INTL.” (WeLikeItIndie)

    “As MNDR’s single “Cut Me Out” has continued to work its way onto dance floors around the world, the Brooklyn-based DJ, Kingdom, decided to work his notorious remix magic on the track. His remix focuses on one simple melody line on which he builds Amanda’s vocal layers from the original track. Kingdom, who has released some hyped mixtapes and a single through Fool’s Gold records, earned his dance cred through unique remixes like this one. So download this official Green Label Sound remix for free right now along with “Cut Me Out” remixes from Drop the Lime, Hervé, and MNDR.” (Green Label Sound)

    Here’s the origional track “Cut Me Out” by MNDR:
    MNDR, “Cut Me Out” by greenlabelsound

  3. Sounds of Sasquatch v.III: Matt and Kim

    May 25, 2011 by Dave

    Matt and Kim are a truly unique duo holding a place in my mind as the happiest musical act I have ever seen. If you watch them playing live you cant help but move with them, their infectious smiles and absolute genuine appreciation for being able to share their music with you. Their fantastic use of heavy beats and melodic piano riffs will get your feet moving before you even know you’re dancing. “Dynamic” would sell them short, in the video for “lessons learned” they strip down completely naked in Times Square with only a camera and a permit to shoot a mayonnaise commercial in hand. Their performance will leave you smiling no matter what state of mind you entered the experience in.