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  1. Oh My Goodness – OMG OMG

    August 21, 2013 by Cam


    Oh My Goodness’ single “OMG OMG” starts off gleefully enough before lead singer Therese Workman starts rapping as fast as she can to make sure she won’t be left off the next list of rappers Kendrick plans on murdering. And then, the whimsical whistling comes back as quickly as it left as if nothing ever happened. It’s the musical equivalent of falling down the stairs, and then looking around to make sure no was looking before getting the hell out of there.

    The sound that the Brooklyn based duo (a would-be shocking fact if the link to the video wasn’t right there simply because there’s just so much going on) has come up with is uniquely their own. Oh My Goodness seem to get bored of staying in one place–very much represented in their video where, even if they are just standing in one place, they’re being cut into jagged pieces of themselves. The band rushes between indie pop, rap, and ends with a chaotic, swarming guitar. The distorted guitars, ability to play with space, constantly filling it up to a bursting point before popping the balloon to let it all rush out, and ooohs and aaaahs all remind me vaguely of Grizzly Bear if Edward Droste would do what we have all been waiting for and start rapping his lyrics.

    “OMG OMG” is the first video to come from Oh My Goodness’ debut self-titled EP, which you can download here.


  2. Sasquatch: Head Like a Kite

    June 23, 2011 by Hilary

    Head Like a Kite by David Endicott

    Head Like a Kite by David Endicott

    When a performer walks onto a stage wearing a white flared jumpsuit and a red boa about their neck, you aren’t quite sure what to expect.  However, the real intrigue began after the music started to play.  Unable to pigeonhole Head Like a Kite into a genre, I will describe it as: Funk/Hip-Hop/Electronica/Indie/Rock/Pop.  The leader of this curious small symphony of sounds, Seattle native Dave Einmo commanded the audience’s attention.  Known for sampling his own instrumentals into layers of different harmonies, his performance is often described as magical.   This was no exception.  With special guests including Tilson and a dancing panda, the afternoon lull quickly turned into a dance party, fog machine and all.

    Listen to “Wrong Side of a Sunrise”: