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  1. Chad Kichula- Killer

    February 17, 2011 by Kelley

    Killer is the record for 2011. Its recording began within weeks of the release of Runners, but it would take almost two years to complete. Choosing not to track in a studio, Chad removed the restrictions and the financial pressure to complete a studio record. In addition, Chad was working once more with co-producer Matt Kaip (Chad Kichula, and Better in the Morning). Mobile recording was their focus, and with unlimited recording hours at their disposal, they now could experiment and create as they wished. The result of which, capture raw performances and their most creative productions.


  2. Eldridge Rodriguez- You Are Released

    February 17, 2011 by Kelley

    With killer album artwork, to 11 heavy hitting tracks, Eldridge Rodriguez displays raw and real emotion in his songs. On You Are Released, Rodriguez (whose real name is Cameron Keiber) explores classic themes such as man vs. nature, entitlement vs. theft, willful ignorance, aggressive stupidity, birth vs. acknowledging mortality, isolation, forgiveness and redemption all in a smart mouthed, intelligent, sometimes vulgar and irreverent way.

    To hear Eldridge’s feature single, “Miss Me When I’m Gone” (ft. Sarah Borges) Check out Ryan’s Smashing Life for a listen!

  3. Standing Shadows- One Way Ride (Radical Academy Remix)

    February 17, 2011 by Kelley

    Los Angeles based alt-indie-electro band Standing Shadows combine infectious guitar melodies and soundscapes, vintage synth tones and warbles, driving percussive beats, and the intimately emotional vocals…ranging from uber-chill heroin whispers, to heart-pumping, sweat-soaking screams.

    They have released a CD full of remixes of their song “One Way Ride”. With the latest CD, you can take your pick of 5 remixes of the song. If you don’t dig one, you can always try out the next. With fast-paced club-ready songs, Standing Shadows has something for everyone’s taste.

    To see more of Standing Shadows, check them out here!