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Two Door Cinema Club- “Changing of the Seasons”

September 10, 2013 by Tristin

A Two Door Cinema Club track produced by all-star electronic artist Madeon? Obviously this is going to be a winning combination. Their new single is titled “Changing of the Seasons,” and the Irish trio recently released the official music video in preparation for an EP of the same name scheduled to release on September 30th.

The video for “Changing of the Seasons” draws on elements from film noir, with antique cameras, microphones and a monochromatic color palette. The opening scene transports the trio back in time, joining them as they arrive for a question and answer session with an impatient crowd. When a member of the press questions Two Door’s success, Alex Trimble sits in silent disbelief for a moment, until the sound of the drum kicks in and he leans forward to ask “So it’s over?” As the song enters it’s first chorus and their signature high-pitched guitar riffs join in, pandemonium breaks out and Trimble springs to his feet, mic in hand. TDCC remain cool and composed throughout the chaos and the conference quickly deteriorates into a party, which finally transforms into a concert. “Changing of the Seasons” is a adventurous step in a new direction for Two Door Cinema Club, and the video reflects this level of maturity.

The old school cinematography stands in stark contrast to the highly polished production by Madeon that gives the track its pulsing dance beat. Despite the lack of a rhythm guitar, “Changing of the Seasons” feels like an extension of their previous album Beacon, and the infectious chorus and poetic lyrics are as prominent as ever. Alex Trimble’s voice sounds relaxed and graceful as he sings in falsetto, “I’ve worn out all the reasons to keep knocking at your door,” reminding me why I loved TDCC in the first place. Pair this with Madeon’s unmistakable Nu-Disco synths and vocal distortions, and you get an irresistible electro-pop track that should attract a new audience while still managing to please old Two Door fans.

Check out the video and get stoked for the Changing of the Seasons EP set to release at the end of the month!

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