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  1. The Naked And Famous- Hearts Like Ours

    August 13, 2013 by Tristin

    The Naked And Famous has a lot to live up to with their new album In Rolling Waves, set to release on September 17th. They are one of those pop bands that released their debut album and immediately filled U.S. radio stations, commercials, and TV shows until everyone and their grandmother had, at the very least, heard their hit single. Their lead single off of their first album Passive Me, Aggressive You was titled “Young Blood”, and damn was it catchy. But if you delved past the radio-prepared pop-synths and generic production you could find some more punky guitar riffs and darker tones. Despite this, I expected that The Naked And Famous would quickly become stale and overplayed, destined to a short stint of radio station brilliance before everyone got sick and tired of hearing their music. Yet somehow they never overstayed their welcome. So when I listened to the first single off their new album and felt the familiar twinge of the colorful synth-filled hook injecting happiness into my mind, I didn’t object. (more…)

  2. White Sea is Multi-talented

    April 22, 2011 by Steph

    My first introduction to White Sea was an EP of remixes called This Frontier. I knew then that I liked Morgan Kibby (the life and soul of White Sea), with party tracks infused with sex noises like “Ladykiller,” the hauntingly beautiful and dangerous “Cannibal Love,” the upbeat pop track “Mountaineer,” the intricate Japanese-inspired instrumental song, “Oljato” and the groovy radio-ready “Overdrawn.”

    I then caught Morgan, along with her violinist beau, performing these eletro tunes on the rooftop of The Blind Pig at SXSW. When the tracks sounded identical to the album versions, I was thoroughly impressed and longed to hear more. It wasn’t until I saw her at The Satellite two weeks ago that I even realized that the remixes were not her only forte. Rocking out with a full band, Morgan’s voice was amplified in a whole new light, not to mention her sexual energy radiating from the stage.

    Less than a week later, I am introduced to three White Sea remixes, on totally separate occasions. The Britney Spears and Naked and Famous White Sea remixes I received from two separate acquaintances and RCRDLBL sent me her Lord Huron remix. Not only does she put out amazing original material, but she can remix with the best of them.

    Since they’re all completely different, I’m including a video for her “Ladykiller” as well as streams for all of the remixes. Some of them are downloadable and I highly recommend it!

    Catch White Sea tomorrow at tomorrow at the Echoplex with Jamaica, The Chain Gang of 1974 and DJ Jorf (Passion Pit) feat Papercut
    8:30pm /$10 adv; $12 dos / 18+

    Streams and video below…