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  1. Cage the Elephant – “Come a Little Closer “

    August 27, 2013 by Tristin



    Cage the Elephant has never been a band constricted by a particular style, and they have continued to evolve and develop their sound with this new single, “Come a Little Closer.” After their first album and “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” took radio stations by storm and their second album Thank You Happy Birthday established them as more than a one hit wonder, Cage the Elephant had been remarkably quiet. But now their new album Melophobia is set to release October 8th and the lead single “Come a Little Closer” has quickly topped the charts as the number one most added track for Alternative Radio in the United States.  (more…)

  2. Search The City – Light The Fire

    July 21, 2013 by Tristin

    search the city - flight album cover

    I think I should preface this review by saying that pop-punk is kind of my guilty pleasure, and Search The City has always held a special place in my heart. Their first album, A Fire So Big The Heavens Can See It (2008) was never anything groundbreaking, but its post-hardcore influences and fun vocal hooks were always catchy and satisfying to sing along with no matter what kind of mood I was in. That’s why I, along with many others, was disappointed when they announced they were breaking up in 2009, expecting that the name Search The City would slowly fade away until it was buried in the depths of my iTunes library.

    That is why I was facing some mixed emotions when I learned that Search The City was back together (with some lineup changes) and had recently finished a new album titled Flight, set to release on September 3, 2013. (more…)

  3. Male Bonding – The Itch

    July 17, 2013 by Cam


    Uh! Grunts and groans – it’s basically the least and at the same time the most I can say in reaction to hearing Male Bonding’s new primal, churning song, “The Itch.” The song succeeds in so many ways, and builds on what Male Bonding has been perfecting over the years. Male Bonding is at its best when, at first listen, you don’t catch the lyrics; you are dancing in your room to a Technicolor guitar solo. But as you slow down and inevitably are pressing repeat you start to listen and get a little bummed out.

    The UK trio’s simultaneously sardonic and playful music is what first drew me to the group. The first single of theirs I heard was “Bones,” a song that’s piston-like drums and screeching guitar is almost enough to distract you from the sobering lyrical content that warns you against achieving your dreams. Their mature pop-punk sensibilities, along with Japandroids, pulled me out of a desolate, molding cave filled with old Blink 182 and Simple Plan CDs. The songs are catchy enough that they could be enormously successful—and as it stands now they are at the very least criminally underrated—but their approach is enough to make critics swoon.

    At 16, most of us were wildly ambitious and in way over our heads, maybe some (or a lot) of us dreaming of being famous rock stars that got to tour the world. And this is Male Bonding at its finest, but Male Bonding is a famous, super rad rock group that gets to tour the world. So, when the chorus hits: “Things I have done, things I have seen/ Still miss that buzz from being sixteen” it gives you a little hope that maybe you’re doing something right after all.

    Male Bonding is really treating us at the moment with not only “The Itch,” but also two other singles: “It’s Called Structure,” and “That’s Your Lot.

  4. Ticket Giveaway: Treetop Flyers in LA 6/24

    June 20, 2013 by Steph

    With an “artist on the rise” attribution from NPR, a track debut on Rolling Stone, and a profile in USA Today, I was shocked that I hadn’t heard of this UK band until this week. You’d never know that they hail from the mother country–they take on that vintage California rock sound with a little bit of twang, some folk and soul, and real rock n’ roll. Their influences range from Jason Browne and Crosby, Stills & Nash to soul, regge, and jazz.

    Their debut album The Mountain Moves comes out next Tuesday, June 25th and as a preview, they’ll be playing in LA at The Bootleg on Monday. And I have a pair of tickets to give away!

    How to win 2 tickets to see Treetop Flyers on Monday 6/24 at The Bootleg in Los Angeles:
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  5. Teardrop Factory Releases Debut EP “Topshop”

    June 17, 2013 by Dave


    I just heard these guys for the first time about 30 minutes ago and they’re pretty fucking rad.

    Described as “placenta drippingly new, a three piece sweetie and able to disable a pop melody with grit, fuzz, scuzz n feedback.” by Shane O’Leary over at

    Enjoy their new EP “Topshop” below the fold.

    Side note, “Placenta drippingly” might be my new favorite way to describe a recently formed band. (more…)

  6. Summer Cannibals – Wear Me Out

    June 13, 2013 by Cam

    summer cannibals

    In their lead single “Wear Me Out”  Summer Cannibals ask that you not wear them down. Probably because this Portland-based band knows a thing or two about that already. It’s what can happen when you are a band producing, creating all the original artwork for, and releasing your debut album (No Makeup, due out on August 6th) on none other than your own record label. (more…)

  7. Foals 2013 @ Nepture Theatre in Seattle

    June 7, 2013 by Dave

    One thing was clear with Saturday’s show that had been added at the last moment after Friday’s sold out immediately after going on sale; Yannis Philippakis and his Foals band mates were not fucking around. From guitars smashed on stage to singers descending from second story balcony’s into the hands of the crowd that was pumped on each heavy guitar hit and soaring vocal line Foals established quickly that they are damn good live. Fellow photographer AJ Dent and I had plenty of things to capture the attention of our lenses during the show with theatrical lighting displays during a very high energy performance. (click the gear in the upper right hand corner to see the second photo in it’s full resolution glory. Credit: AJ Dent)

  8. SQUATCHING: Damien Jurado

    June 7, 2012 by Marwood

    Damien Jurado Sasqutach Festival 2012 2

    Seattle’s Damien Jurado drew a healthy crowd for a dose of expansive, classic rock. His high, sweet voice soared gracefully over shimmering organ and unexpected iPad accompaniment. He appeared to show admirable restraint by not milking any local feeling in his eloquent, Washington-name-checking ‘Working Titles,’ but that lack of crowd interaction was to sour the end of the set. As the performance went on, sections of the crowd (myself included) were surprised as his high, keening falsetto gave way to gravel-voiced rock heroics from a most unlikely Jim Morrison wannabe. But they were even more surprised when the set simply stopped and the band left the stage.

    Damien Jurado Sasqutach Festival 2012 3

    And, while the vagaries of festival timings might be beyond Jurado’s control, trying to explain to or even communicate with the audience isn’t. ‘Are you fucking kidding?’ was the response one particularly aggrieved female listener insisted I note down.

    Damien Jurado Sasqutach Festival 2012 1

    *UPDATE* As you can see in the comments below, Damien Jurado kindly explained the sitch:

    “the set time being so short, was beyond our control. we were originally given 40 min. however, due to other bands before us going longer and careless sound engineers, we had a half hour to play our set. i wish it could have been longer. on a side note: i interacted as much as time would allow. beyond, “thank you for coming out”, and “how is everyone doing” there wasn’t time for much of anything else, than to play. .. what the fuck indeed.” – Damien Jurado

    Note From the Editor:

    This is a HUGE problem at festivals and maybe something for another post, but how can we stop this? When other bands run over their time allotment or show up late, the next band gets jipped. And the next. And the next. What the eff?

    Any ideas on how to deal with this? Or if you work in festival (or venue) production, tell me what I’m not getting!

  9. SQUATCHING: Reptar

    May 24, 2012 by Dave

    Reptar’s unique nature is immediately evident through their masterful representation of the Windows 3.1 browser system on their website   Their new album Body Faucet (released May 1) is a welcome follow up to their debut EP  Oblangle Fizz Y’all which left me just wanting more.  5 tracks just simply wasn’t enough and Body Faucet delivers.  Their live show is one of the most talked about aspects of this group so if you’re hitting Sasquatch this year this band is a must see.