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  1. Kitten at The Echo

    July 4, 2011 by Steph

    Petite Chloe Chaidez flit around the venue saying hello to friends in her hometown as if they had come to see her high school play or ballet recital. Quite to the contrary, with her band she was about to rock the house. Charging the stage with full energy, she opened the set with a cover of Joy Divisions “Transmission” and while it’s quite a risk to cover such a well-loved band, Kitten pulled it off with ease.

    With each song, Chloe danced the stage into submission, commanding attention of the whole room. As young as she is, her demeanor was dark and brooding, flinging herself like a broken doll. She rocked “Japanese Eyes” and then my favorite new track from her upcoming full length “Apples and Cigarettes” (I’d like to think per my request). It was the only song in the set that she slowed down to catch her breath and it was sensational. She flashed through “Kill the Light” from the Sunday School EP, a new one “Hot Rod,” a personal favorite “Johnny Johnny Johnny,” and another newer one “Catholic Boys,” among other tracks. She closed with “Kitten with a Whip” from the EP. She barely stop for a second, whirring and writhing around the stage. The performance was spectacular, fascinating, and made everyone observing pine for more of this great band.

    If you haven’t gotten to see them live yet, they’ll be on the road all summer (tour dates below). Also, if you haven’t read it yet, I had a great interview with Chloe just a few days earlier.

    Listen to a demo of “Apples and Cigarettes”: