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  1. Brass Bed Live at Hotel Cafe

    July 25, 2013 by Guest

    addictedtoshows's Brass Bed at Hotel Cafe album on Photobucket

    Photos by Chris Uncle, words by Tina Melati

    A Saturday night. A cozy venue in Hollywood. A band whose sound feels like a warm hug. The up tempo instrumentals hide the sorrowful lyrics about lost loves, pain and sadness. Brass Bed crafts together down right good songs, assembled with layers upon layers of rock history spanning eras. They are energetic performers who, while still working out the kinks, put together a great set that keeps the audience engaged.

    Hailing from Louisiana, Brass Bed masterfully blends instrumentals with dismayed storytelling. This past Saturday’s show at Hotel Café was a smooth welcome to the LA music scene. Attendees were gifted with two brand new songs, recorded just earlier that morning for their next album, still untitled. Their album released earlier this year, The Secret Will Keep You, has an all-around great sound that is deep and interesting enough to allot for repeat listening. Like the river that runs through Brass Bed’s hometown of Lafayette, this album meanders through from soft lazy melodic guitars to the fast water sounds closer to the playful quip of indie pop rock. Their album will definitely be going into my regular rotation for an early evening hangout in the backyard with some brews and buds.

  2. Big Black Delta Summer Tour

    June 10, 2013 by Steph

    big black delta

    If you haven’t seen Big Black Delta live, I say to you this: YOU. ARE. INSANE. Why the F&$# not!? But in all seriousness, Jonathan Bates and his dual drumming ladies put on one of the best live shows I’ve seen, which can only be improved in majesty by the venue (it’s a little hard to put on a great light show in a club that only holds 300). The amount of energy, throbbing, and raw sexual tension that emits from the stage during a Big Black Delta show could be bottled and sold for a pretty penny. To describe the music would be to limit its potential and that would be criminal–suffice it to say that Bates was the driving force behind alt rock band Mellowdrone and he has since been heavily involved in M83 and worked with White Sea, but that this creative venture pushes the boundaries of the extremes of each.


  3. Foals 2013 @ Nepture Theatre in Seattle

    June 7, 2013 by Dave

    One thing was clear with Saturday’s show that had been added at the last moment after Friday’s sold out immediately after going on sale; Yannis Philippakis and his Foals band mates were not fucking around. From guitars smashed on stage to singers descending from second story balcony’s into the hands of the crowd that was pumped on each heavy guitar hit and soaring vocal line Foals established quickly that they are damn good live. Fellow photographer AJ Dent and I had plenty of things to capture the attention of our lenses during the show with theatrical lighting displays during a very high energy performance. (click the gear in the upper right hand corner to see the second photo in it’s full resolution glory. Credit: AJ Dent)