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  1. Two Door Cinema Club- “Changing of the Seasons”

    September 10, 2013 by Tristin

    A Two Door Cinema Club track produced by all-star electronic artist Madeon? Obviously this is going to be a winning combination. Their new single is titled “Changing of the Seasons,” and the Irish trio recently released the official music video in preparation for an EP of the same name scheduled to release on September 30th. (more…)

  2. Young Wonder – Show Your Teeth EP

    June 5, 2013 by Steph


    Young Wonder’s EP Show Your Teeth released on May 6th, has been the object of my aural obsession for the last two weeks. In particular, two of the tracks have been on repeat–“Time” feat. Sacred Animals (another artist that I love) and “To You.”

    First, let me ask you–how often do you fully experience music? Not just listen, but find the music so visceral that you feel it pulsating? Young Wonder has the magical ability to sync all of the senses and envelop you in the beats and sweeping melody. It’s a sensory experience. (more…)

  3. Sasquatch: Flogging Molly

    June 23, 2011 by Hilary

    Flogging Molly by David Endicott

    Flogging Molly by David Endicott

    This particular show had been over ten years in the making for me, ever since the debut of Swagger in 2000.  In the years since, for some reason or another, I have missed seeing Flogging Molly.  Not that I haven’t had my chances, this band spends the majority of their time on tour amidst their fans.  Throughout the years they have evolved from more than an old world Celtic/punk fusion; with their more recent album Float they finally have brought a sense of harmony as well as maturity to the music.

    Speaking of peace in Ireland and the world, their political messages both in the music and displayed through the images on either side of the stage were poignant and powerful.  I soaked in my view from the main floor of both the stage and Gorge below, shoulder to shoulder with throngs of excited fans; the air was electric.  Irish flags waved proudly, and with happy determination this band proved how much they truly love the music and fans.  Performing their recent single “Don’t Shut ‘Em Down”, they addressed the widespread unemployment, ever advocates of the working class.  In the decade since their beginning, the force behind this enigmatic family of musicians has only increased.  With a growing fan base and an ever-evolving sound, Flogging Molly continues to provoke thought and action through their music.  Worth the wait, the time passed much too fast…. and in a blink of an eye I found myself anticipating future shows, hoping it wouldn’t be another ten years.

    Listen to “Don’t Shut ‘Em Down”: