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  1. He Is We “And Run” Acoustic Video

    April 18, 2011 by Steph

    I saw He Is We open for The Rocket Summer a while back and at the time, vocalist Rachel Taylor was extremely sick and was struggling to sing. Even then, I was impressed by her pipes. Some of their lyrics border on cheesy, but these guys work hard and make beautiful pop songs and deserve every bit of the accolades their new record is receiving. They’re Paramore meets Beiber with a dash of Ingrid Michaelson.

    Their debut full length My Forever was just released by Universal Motown on April 12th.

    Catch them on tour with Downtown Fiction (dates below…) (more…)

  2. Best Albums of 2009

    December 31, 2009 by Steph

    We’ve got our top albums of 2009! Instead of compiling one big list, each of our writers and photographers have submitted their own top 5 list. We invite all of you to send in your top 5 list of albums for 2009 too!


    There were a number of good EPs that came out this year, but I decided to exclude them from my list to make this tough decision a little easier.

    1. Say Anything (Delux Version) by Say Anything
    Slightly different than their first two albums, Say Anything still has the raw honesty and catchy rock beats that I expect and love from Max Bemis and gang. By far my favorite album of 2009,  I’ve listened to each song on the upward of 20 times. There’s not a bad one in the bunch, including the bonus tracks.

    2. Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson
    Ingrid always brings it with her smooth vocals and the whole album is great. “Soldier” was one of my favorite songs of the year.

    3. Not Without a Fight by New Found Glory
    I wrote a full review about my love for Not Without a Fight but to put it simply, this album combines the best of old NFG and new NFG.

    4. Ratitude by Weezer
    I had to include this album because A. Because of this album, I have a renewed faith in Weezer’s talent post-Blue-Album and B. Their incorporation of diverse genres makes this album genius! (What other rock band does Bali-wood?)

    5. It’s Not Me, It’s You by Lily Allen
    The reason I chose this album is similar to the reason I picked Ratitude. Not only does Lily push the envelope with her feisty lyrics, but she tries interesting things musically and doesn’t box herself in with the pop song “standards”


    1. Brand New Eyes – Paramore
    I absolutely love all their albums, and this is no exception. Next to All We Know Is Falling, this album was the right progression. Riot! was fun, but this album is genius!

    2. The Fray by The Fray
    My favorite ‘feel good’ album of the year. I never tire of listening to this album and although most can agree a lot of Fray songs sound exactly alike, it’s an amazing sound and I could listen all day!

    3. It’s Not Me, It’s You by Lily Allen
    What’s not to like about Lily Allen? Haha! She’s a kickass girl with a truthful mouth. This is an awesome album. My favorite track has got to be “F**k You”.

    4. Fearless Platinum Edition by Taylor Swift
    The re-release of this album made it even better. With 6 brand new songs, it made it feel like a totally new Taylor Swift album. Her music is a guilty pleasure I will proudly announce to the world. She makes falling in love, breaking up, and getting revenge sound so good!

    5. Nothing Personal by All Time Low
    This has got to be my favorite ‘work out’ album of the year. The fun and upbeat songs kept me going for hours at the gym and on long walks!


    1. Strict Joy by The Swell Season
    The sophomore release from the dynamic Oscar-winning duo of the movie “Once,” this record is simple and poignant. There’s no huge, overproduced mumbo jumbo. It’s piano, it’s guitar, and it’s Markéta Irglová and Glen Hansard’s amazing harmonies. By far my favorite album of the year. It’s still on constant rotation in my car even though I bought it months ago.

    2. Abbey Road (2009 Stereo Remaster) by The Beatles
    If this had been a brand new release, it would have been my number 1 by about a million miles. The last record The Beatles would ever release together, this album has such a diverse collection of songs, it’s hard to even really begin to describe its brilliance. It’s a great representation of the talent of all four Beatles, not just John and Paul. The band definitely “went out with a bang” with this one.

    3. The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga
    Knock her antics and insane outfits all you want. The one thing you can’t say about Lady GaGa is that she’s not original. On her second release she combines a little bit of Abba, a lot of club/dance instrumentals and her usual sexually-infused, woman-empowered lyrics. I was a huge fan of “The Fame” and GaGa didn’t disappoint again with this record.

    4. The Script by The Script
    I had never heard of this band before I saw them on a TV appearance one night. Hailing from Ireland, the band recently opened for U2. Though they may not be extremely original, there is no doubt this is a well-written, diverse and emotional record. If you’ve just been through a breakup, check out “Breakeven” and you’ll find yourself exclaiming “exactly!” throughout the entire track. The lead singer’s voice is also exceptional and surprisingly soulful.

    3. Uplifter by 311
    One of my favorite bands for as long as I can remember, I realized a dream and saw them live this past summer. This band has continued a long line of great records with “Uplifter.” A slightly harder album than some of the past, they still don’t lose their infectious positive message and reggae-based vibe. Nick Hexum and S.A. Martinez have some of the best combined voices I’ve heard. You wouldn’t think their voices would mesh well together but they do, and that’s showcased on this album. This is without a doubt, my “Summer Album” of choice.


    First of all…I think this is probably a little biased because the albums that came out recently are going to be remembered more…but

    1. Battle Studies by John Mayer

    2. Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson

    3. Fearless by Taylor Swift (don’t deny it)

    4. Say Anything by Say Anything

    5. Brand New Eyes by Paramore


    1. Billy Talent III by Billy Talent
    I could pretty much listen to Billy Talent’s entire library all the way through without skipping a song. These guys have given me no reason to stop loving them.

    2. The Resistance by Muse
    When you listen to Muse’s new album, it makes you feel like you should be watching something epic and awesome happen. This is the definition of good music.

    3.Welcome to the Masquerade by Thousand Foot Krutch
    Thank you TFK, for not sucking anymore. I’m going to pretend that this and Phenomenon are your only two albums.

    4. Act II: The Father Of Death by The Protomen
    This is the second album in their concept rock opera about Mega Man. You heard me. Rock Opera About Mega Man.

    5. Raditude by Weezer
    Weezer has made another awesomely sing-along-able pop rock album. They are amazing at being mediocre, and I love them for it.

    J-Man’s (dis)Honorable Mentions:

    Ocean Eyes by Owl City
    I hadn’t heard of Owl City till this year, and since first listening to “Fireflies” on XM radio in a sprint store I worked at, he has become one of my favorite artists. The only reason he doesn’t get an official spot is because The Postal Service called and they want their sound back.

    Part Six by MC Chris
    I was listening to Chris before it was the cool thing to do. INDIE CRED. The guy is an absolute emo douchebag, but I can’t stop listening to his awesome brand of hip hop. He got bumped off the list because, seriously, he’s an emo douchebag.

    The Fame Monster by Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
    Somewhere, along my path of absolutely hating Stefani Germanotta, I managed to accidently become a Stefani Germanotta fan. It may have something to do with the numerous amazing covers of her music on youtube, culminating in Cartman doing the best rendition of “Poker Face” in existence. It may have something to do with her amazingly produced catchy music. Either way, she doesn’t make the official list because of her STUPID STUPID STAGE NAME.

  3. Ingrid Michaelson with Greg Holden in Hollywood

    October 14, 2009 by Steph

    Ahh, another flawless night with Ingrid.

    Greg HoldenThe night opened with a sweet british lad named Greg Holden. A decent minstrel, he seemed really grateful to share the stage with Ingrid as he explained that he left England for New York in the hopes of making it big and Ingrid Michaelson happened to catch him play there and snag him for her tour. Lucky break, eh? His set was good and his songs were sweet. His vocals remind me like Joshua Radin with an English accent, which, if you know Joshua Radin’s music, is a HUGE compliment. He also had a healthy dose of “young man” as he made some drinking jokes and hints about gather some beautiful ladies on his arms after the set. My favorite of his set was a beautiful cover of “walking on sunshine” which I wasn’t quick enough to capture, but you can watch it on AOL video here.

    Greg Holden and Ingrid MichaelsonHe also managed to get Ingrid’s entire band on stage for a sing along of a drinking song whose chorus sung, “If makes no difference what city I’m in/the drinks cost the same and they do the same thing/ I know it won’t stop till I start up again/ and I’ve got no intention of giving up.”  I’m pretty sure that I’m going to buy his album “A Word Edgewise,” maybe you should too.

    ingrid1Now, about Ingrid Michaelson… I could sit here and rave about Ingrid’s flawless vocals or her original music. Her beautiful use of the ukulele or the mandolin. I could go on about the set, the songs on her new album, Ingrid’s solo ukulele version of Radiohead’s “Creep,” all of my favorites on Boys and Girls and her Be OK EP, her “reimaging” of “The Way I Am” (aka, “Ice Ice Baby” and the “Fresh Prince” theme song) or my favorite song of the night, “You & I.”

    Ingrid MichaelsonI could tell you that her sense of humor is almost as awesome as her vocals, even though her manager doesn’t want her to talk about “balls and poop” anymore. But really, you can see here I’m not an objective observer. I am a fan. I think Ingrid Michaelson is probably one of the most talented female musicians touring today, right up there with Regina Spektor. So take my word for it. She is fantastic. And I’ve embedded a few of my so-so videos from the night to prove it, including a duet she performed with Greg Laswell that has yet to be released (are they together? I saw a ring on that left ring finger, Ingrid!).

  4. Best Albums of 2008

    December 12, 2008 by Steph

    Okay, so we all have different tastes in music and there was NO WAY I thought we could come together to make a complete list for you.  Instead, I decided that each of us should make a list for you of our top five albums of 2008.

    Apparently our tastes converged because we have a few in common.  Our collective favorites were:

    Jack’s Mannequin’s The Glass Passenger

    Fall Out Boy’s Folie a Deux

    Forever the Sickest Kids’ Underdog Alma Mater

    And here are our top picks:

    Kristyn (writer):

    1. Fall Out Boy’s Folie a Deux
    2. Valencia’s We All Need A Reason To Believe
    3. Jack’s Mannequin’s The Glass Passenger
    4. John Mayer Trio’s Where The Light Is (Live)
    5. James Morrison’s Songs For You, Truths For Me

    Aimee (photographer):

    1. The Matches’ A Band in Hope
    2. The Cab’s Whisper War
    3. Jack’s Mannequin’s The Glass Passenger
    4. Sing It Loud’s Come Around
    5. Simple Plan’s Simple Plan

    Steph (writer):

    1. Panic at the Disco’s Pretty. Odd.
    2. Jack’s Mannequin’s The Glass Passanger
    3. Forever the Sickest Kids’ Underdog Alma Mater
    4. Ingrid Michaelson’s Be OK
    5. Joshua Radin’s Unclear Sky EP

    Catharine (photographer):

    1. Fall Out Boy – Folie A Deux
    2. Taylor Swift – Fearless
    3. Panic At The Disco – Pretty. Odd.
    4. Demi Lovato – Don’t Forget
    5. Metro Station – Metro Station

    Justin (writer):

    1. Disturbed – Indestructible
    2. Mindless Self Indulgence – If
    3. Kanye West – 808s and Heartache (having to put this on here makes me want to punch myself)
    4. Hollywood Undead – Swan Songs
    5. Flight of the Conchords – Flight of the Conchords

    Cassie (writer):

    1. Fall Out Boy – Folie a deux (even if just for the hype surrounding it)

    2. The Academy Is… – Fast Times at Barrington High

    3. ADELE – 19

    4. Charlotte Sometimes – Waves and the Both of Us

    5. Forever the Sickest Kids – Underdog Alma Mater

    Brianna (writer):

    1. Jason Mraz – We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things
    2. Gavin DeGraw – Gavin DeGraw
    3. Jack’s Mannequin – The Glass Passenger
    4. The Hush Sound – Goodbye Blues

    5. David Cook – David Cook & David Archuleta – David Archuleta

  5. Simply Beautiful (Update)

    September 30, 2008 by Steph

    I am starting a list of simply beautiful (generally acoustic) songs. This is for those of you who love beautiful music.  If you don’t…read our other trash :) . If you have any recommendations to add, comment!

    “Three Cheers For Five Years” (acoustic) – Mayday Parade – Punk Rock     Goes Acoustic II

    “An Offer She Can’t Refuse” – Reeveoliver – Reeveoliver

    “When We’re Old Men” – Yellowcard – Lights and Sounds

    “Intensity in Ten Cities” – Chiodos – Bone Palace Parade

    “Stay Quiet” – Western Legend – Across the Border from Del Rio

    “Coffee Break” – Forever the Sickest Kids – Underdog Alma Mater

    “The Armistice (Acoustic) ” – The Receiving End of Sirens

    “Giving Up” – Ingrid Michaelson – Girls and Boys

    “Your Call” – Secondhand Serenad – Your Call

    “Globes and Maps” – Something Corporate – Leaving Through the Window

    “Hear You Me” – Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American

    “Nicest Thing” – Kate Nash – Made of Bricks

    “What Sarah Said” – Death Cab for Cutie – Plans

    “Sky (Feat. Ingrid Michaelson)” – Joshua Radin – Unclear Sky EP

    “Existentialism on Prom Night” – Straylight Run – Straylight Run

    “The City Lights” – Umbrellas – Umbrellas

    “Hurricane” – The Hush Sound – Goodbye Blues

    “For the Widows In Paradise, for the Fatherless In Ypsilanti” – Sufjan Stevens – Greetings from Michigan

    “Shelter” – Ray LaMontagne – Prime (Origional Motion Picture)

    “You and I are a Gang of Losers” – The Dears – Gang of Losers

    More to come later…

  6. Ingrid Michaelson with Greg Laswell and Arden of Eden

    June 30, 2008 by Steph

    Ingrid Michaelson with Greg Laswell and Arden of Eden at the House of Blues on June 23, 2008

    We arrived at the House of Blues at Downtown Disney on June 23rd just as the line began filtering inside the venue. We monopolized the shelf along the back of the sound booth for a good view and an easy place to get in and out.

    The show started even earlier than schedule and out on stage popped a bubbly woman with a huge perma-smile and her hair in pig-tail buns.  It was just her and a couple of guitars she exchanged between songs.  Her brand of ninetys-style girl rock seemed really dated.  Trying to pull up comparisons in my head, the only people I could think of were artists I listened to ten years ago – Joan Osborne, Alanis Morrisette, Jewel, Meredith Brooks… the list goes on.

    Her first song was for everyone there with their “really good friend” and the second was about the “fuckupedness” in the world.  With only a guitar and a pretty voice every song sounds the same however on her Myspace she has full instrumental on every song and the sound is completely different.

    Greg Laswell took the stage next.  Now this is the kind of indie acoustic rock that just makes a smile bubble up from the inside.  He started off on the keys with Brandon Walters on the electric guitar and Jon Titterington accenting the ballad with trumpet.

    Most of his songs had the twinge of sadness and loneliness.  “Sad songs are more fun” he said.  One of the saddest of the set started off as a happy one.  Greg explained to the crowd that his grandmother came to him in a dream and told him to write a happy song.  He demonstrated, “It started off happy” as he finger-picked a light melody on his acoustic guitar, but he slowed down the progression and as he did it turned into another heart-wrenching ballad, “Sing Teresa Says.”  He also sad-iffied (slowed down and made into a piano ballad) the age-old “Girls Just Want to Have fun.”  He did have a happy song, though and “How the Day Sounds” is a perfect interpretation of the feeling of a sunrise.  The set sounds like a downer, but his humor and light-heartedness counterbalanced the beautifully lonely melodies.

    The curtains re-opened and Ingrid Michaelson was sat familiarly behindthe keyboard and excitedly mentioned that this was the first time she’dhad curtains. To her right was Allie Moss onback up vocals and an acoustic guitar and to her left was Chris Kuffner playing the bass and a box drum. Her sound is clean and clear. You might genrize her as folk but saying that word would throw you into entirely the wrong direction. Her voice is soothing and intensely controlled creating a sweet melody for every compilation of instruments. Her vocals are the highlight and the sweet sincere lyrics are a close second with the instruments acting to accentuate the melody. She is one of the few people that sound fantastic on her album and three times better on stage.

    The second song of the set she introduced with three hints: 1. It’s about a ship 2. It’s the name of a movie starring Goldie Hawn 3. It rhymes with cloverboard. The song—”Overboard.” One of the great things about the night was her stage presence, great sense of humor and ability to laugh at herself. She told the crowd a story about how she pinned her tights to her bra the night she performed on Jay Lenno but almost didn’t get out of them fast enough when an emergency arose. She also reenacted the remix of “The Way I Am” (by The Black Dice?) which led her to rap “Ice Ice Baby” and then the Fresh Prince theme song.

    Later in the night she pulled out a ukulele to play “Far Away” and some other tracks. She also introduced some new songs throughout the night. “The Chain” she introduced with a little anecdote – she was sitting in her friend’s apartment in D.C. looking out on the “phallic symbol” that is the Washington Monument and decided she wanted to write a round. It
    has three female parts and she spent a good amount of time trying to decipher if someone in the crowd knew it well enough to fill in, but ended up singing it in two parts with Allie. They also played another new song “Something More” with beautiful lyrics, “Love I’ve broken you, but you’ve broken me too and we’ve both got blood on our hands.” The last of her unreleased tracks was “Be Okay” on the uke. As part of the finale she invited Greg Laswell and his band to play a tear-wrenchingly beautiful “Keep Breathing” that debuted on the Season 3 Finale of Grey’s Anatomy. As her encore she did a cover of “Fools Rush In.” The set was probably one of the best I have ever seen or heard and if you haven’t heard Ingrid before, listen. If you haven’t seen her before, watch.

    Stay Saavy,

    P.S. More photos from this show in the Ingrid Michaelson album on Myspace