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  1. Unofficial Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Video

    June 23, 2011 by Steph

    If I was told that this was DEJJ’s new video for “Simple Girl” I wouldn’t have batted an eye. It’s adorable, sweet, and perfect for the lyrics “She’s a simple girl / She’s governed by simple pleasures.” Actress Jennifer Plotkin makes for the picturesque carefree Cali-girl with a twinkle in her eye. It, in fact, was constructed purely for the joy of video-making by some DEJJ fans. Thanks Dru Korab and Tyler Rumph for the great video.

  2. Sasquatch: Foster the People

    June 22, 2011 by Ross

    Foster the People from


    With the recent release of Torches, I was really excited to see Foster The People live. Playing on the smallest stage at the festival, Foster the People drew a main-stage-sized crowd and made it impossible for people to get around. When the band came out on stage, screams of excitement came out of the mouths of thousands of people waiting to see if Foster The People was the real deal or not. And sure enough they were.

    The mellow indie-pop sound echoed throughout the Gorge with the help of Mark Foster’s distinct voice. Overall, I really enjoyed Foster The People’s set. Each band member complimented one another and really used the stage and crowd to their advantage. I cannot wait to see where the world of music will take Foster the People in the future.

    Listen to “Pumped Up Kicks”:

  3. Sasquatch: Matt and Kim

    June 22, 2011 by Hilary


    Energy.  There is no other way to describe every vibrant moment of this duo’s heartfelt and boisterous performance.  From effortlessly leaping atop the drum set, sticks in the air, to running down the center of the crowd throwing balloons, Kim was a grinning ball of vivacity.  As the sun set behind the crowd, the pair marveled at the ever amazing view of the Gorge, and the infectious happiness spread from the couple out into the crowd.  When the song “Daylight” started playing the masses erupted into a sea of jumping bodies, while colorful balloons bounced atop the crowd in the glowing light.  The melodies light-hearted, the dancing abundant, the scene surreal, it was a perfect way to end the afternoon.

    Listen to “Cameras (Mike D Remix)”:

  4. Sutja Gutierrez’s White Ponycorn In My Room EP

    June 19, 2011 by Kaitlin

    Spanish musician Sutja Gutierrez integrates opposing forces of dark and light, hard and soft to create his latest EP White Ponycorn In My Room. Acoustic guitar, distorted with synths and other noises, accompany his melodic voice in a simultaneously happy and uneasy way.  Mellow jam, “Borderline (Hell, I’m The)” and ending lullaby “Oh, Say Good Bye (Outro)” illuminate Gutierrez’s softer side, while “I Don’t Want To Be Alone (Reprise)” and “Another Room (Called Doom)” exude the musician’s fascination with darkness and distortion. Gutierrez’s echoed lyrics and indie pop instrumentals create a sound comparable to Portishead meets Thom Yorke. The record is being sold for $1 on his bandcamp with all donations funding Gutierrez’s US tour.

  5. Twiggy Frostbite’s “By the Ocean”

    June 15, 2011 by Steph

    Twiggy Frostbite

    After browsing some international blogs yesterday, I came across a great track by a band called Twiggy Frostbite from Borlänge, Sweden. These lovely ladies could be straight out of a couture fashion shoot and their music is just as lovely. The indie pop project has hints of shoegaze and a bit of the signature Scandinavian ethereal-ness. “By the Ocean” is completely beautiful, and every second captures your full attention with a hushed sense of despondence and passion.

    Not sure if this song will be on an upcoming full-length, but will possibly be part of a limited-edition 7-inch release.

    MP3: Twiggy Frostbite – “By the Ocean”

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