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  1. Foals’ Bad Habit

    June 19, 2013 by Cam

    After their grooviest output yet, album Holy Fire (released February 11th on Transgressive Records), Foals follows up the extremely unsettling video for “Late Night.” A video with an ending scene that depicts a man hanging himself with another assumedly deathly scenario.

    Foals are making a tradition of these NSFW videos. The opening scene of “Bad Habit” finds Foals’ lead singer Yannis Philippakis collapsed in the dessert. Suddenly Yannis is spurred on by the band’s trademark spunky guitar lines as he stumbles after a nude woman, representative of, “A bad habit. one he cannot shake.” One he urges “not to follow.” Heedless to his own advice, Yannis chases this woman further into the dessert. And as the song climaxes in a sparkling, frantic guitar solo, the oasis before Yannis’ eyes collapses, leaving him stranded, struggling in the dessert.

    The video serves as the perfect showcase for Foals’ new, funkier sound which may lack in the intense introspective nature of previous releases that sometimes left Foals sounding like rock’s awkward little brother. This, along with songs like “My Number,” are a step towards a dancier, much more fun version of Foals–more akin to the pure pleasure Two Door Cinema Club pumps out. Something appropriate to bump at dancehalls and not just bedrooms with vinyl players.

    Nabil, the director of this video, has a knack for these nihilistic visual accompaniments. He’s also worked with the Yeezus-dropping Internet-breaking Kanye West, creating pairings for the solitary sounds of “Welcome to Heartbreak” and “Coldest Winter” from his album 808s & Heartbreaks.

    Speaking of Kanye, he (He?) could surely offer the most succinct summary of a man’s quest for the bare lady through the dessert: He thirsty. 

  2. Foals 2013 @ Nepture Theatre in Seattle

    June 7, 2013 by Dave

    One thing was clear with Saturday’s show that had been added at the last moment after Friday’s sold out immediately after going on sale; Yannis Philippakis and his Foals band mates were not fucking around. From guitars smashed on stage to singers descending from second story balcony’s into the hands of the crowd that was pumped on each heavy guitar hit and soaring vocal line Foals established quickly that they are damn good live. Fellow photographer AJ Dent and I had plenty of things to capture the attention of our lenses during the show with theatrical lighting displays during a very high energy performance. (click the gear in the upper right hand corner to see the second photo in it’s full resolution glory. Credit: AJ Dent)