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  1. Said the Whale @ The Tractor in Seattle

    July 8, 2013 by Dave

    Said the Whale joined Seattle at The Tractor Tavern in Seattle recently touring in support of the recently dropped EP I Love You.  It’s a three-track window into their most recent album effort still taking shape with a release due this fall.  It’s a little more indie pop than before and it’s just as damn good.  Said the Whale describes the tracks as “the most upbeat songs from a collection of 17 tracks that we’ve recorded since we began work on the album in January”.

    Take a listen here:


  2. Exclusive Interview: Said the Whale’s Tyler Bancroft

    June 20, 2013 by Dave

    said the whale band members

    Vancouver based indie rock quintet Said The Whale is midway through a summer tour after just releasing the very well received “I love you” EP (Spotify / iTunes only $2.99!).  Luckily for us Tyler was able to take some time off from their very busy travel schedule to answer some questions for Addicted2Shows’ staff writer AJ Dent.

    Audio of interview below:

    Said The Whale Interview 2013

    Listen while you read:


    AJ: It looks like you guys are down around San Diego today?

    Tyler: Yeah, we will be there today. We’re just driving down the I-5 right now.

    AJ: Awesome. Well, if we could first talk about the I Love You EP that just came out – very exciting. It sounds like in these tracks there’s some struggle going on for personal growth, and it seems like you frequently reference family dynamics. What was some of the inspiration behind those songs?

    Tyler: Probably family is a huge influence on me and on Ben. It’s hard to say why all that stuff sort of came out at once. I really don’t know what it is; there’s never any real rhyme or reason why we write about what we write about. It’s just whatever happens to come out when we sit down with a guitar and a piece of paper.

    AJ: It sounds very organic, just naturally coming out. (more…)

  3. SQUATCHING: Said the Whale

    June 18, 2012 by Hilary

    Said the Whale at Sasquatch

    The Yeti stage felt too small for Said the Whale’s soaring vocals and their faithful Canadians.  As the set moved forward it grew increasing crowded when their piano rock sound attracted new fans.  They accomplished a duality of stage presences during the set by switching vocalists and styles in Tyler Bancroft and Ben Worchester, which kept everything very engaging.

    Said the Whale at Sasquatch

  4. HEAR THIS: Rah Rah – “Little Poems”

    April 30, 2012 by Steph

    More love for one of my favorite labels, Hidden Pony. Last week I showed you The Danks. This week I bring you one of my personal favorites from the label, the 7-piece indie pop band from Regina, Rah Rah. Their sophomore album Breaking Hearts, which had its U.S. debut last November, is sensational and does everything from tug on the heartstrings to propel feet and fling arms for joy.

    This 7″ single Little Poems is out on June 7th as a taste of their third full-length Poet’s Dead coming later this fall (although neither of the tracks on this 7″ will be available on the later release). The notes of Neil Young on the title track are strong with twang-tinged molasses rock n’ roll and the sleepy male vocals of Marshall Burns, complimented preciously by the sweet and honest alto of Erin Passmore. If you haven’t heard her solo music on the Downtown EP, I highly recommend it.

    And guys, just to let you in on the fun, I’ve heard demos of the upcoming LP and promise that you’re in for a treat.

    Download “Little Poems”

    Rah Rah on Facebook

  5. WATCH THIS: The Danks – “Automocar”

    April 26, 2012 by Steph

    Hot off the press from one of my favorite labels, Hidden Pony brings us this great video from The Danks. It’s a kaleidoscopic, drug-hazed, fun-binge of slightly hazy indie rock and cotton candy.

    Their new record Are You Afraid of the Danks is coming out on May 22nd and I have no doubt it’ll shine.

    DOWNLOAD: MP3 of Automocar