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  1. Matt Corby- Resolution EP

    July 30, 2013 by Hannah

    credit: Dan Curwin

    credit: Dan Curwin

    Every summer there are albums released that are self-classified as the “perfect summer playlist,” full of fast-tempo rage songs. Why does everyone think that’s what summer music is all about? Sometimes we just want to lounge by pool instead of partying by it. For those sunny but calm afternoons, Matt Corby’s EP Resolution should be set on repeat. This three-song EP is unusual because each song has a different sound, but each is all connected by the same angelic voice.

    Corby’s voice can be compared to that of Dallas Green of City and Colour but also to the styles of One Republic. His song “Resolution” begins ghostly and eerie, but then picks up becoming a soulful and empowering piece. One commenter on Soundcloud described this song as “ear sex,” which this song would be if that was a real thing.

    His other two songs on this EP, “Evangelist” and “Lay You Down,” are pure masterpieces. “Evangelist” is eight and a half minutes full of his wondrous voice. Even the name of the song suggests that Mr. Corby knows how gospel-pure his vocals are. The last song “Lay You Down” keeps a slow rhythm throughout but doesn’t fail to have those chilling moments that give us musical frisson.

    Fall in love with this new EP.


  2. Sterling Silver – End Up Like This

    July 18, 2013 by Steph

    Sterling Silver

    Despite the beautiful USA being full of amazing artists, there is a whole world bursting with new music waiting to be uncovered. Let’s try moving east and down under to Australia, from where 22-year-old singer/producer Sterling Silver hails. After listening to this one track, “End Up Like This,” I cannot wait to see what the future brings.

    “End Up Like This” is reminiscent of days of roller discos and drive ins. While not actually alive during the psychedelic days, I do love skating and Sonic and can easily picture tearing up the dance floor to this song. Sterling Silver pairs a steady upbeat, funky tune with wispy vocals to create a sound like a 1970’s era Empire of the Sun.

    Make sure to get ahead of the game by downloading this song for free: 

    If you like the song but aren’t trying to take it back to the disco days, try checking out the remix of “End Up Like This” by Tyler Touché: