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  1. Interview with Appeitite

    August 4, 2011 by Steph

    I’ve recently been introduced to the amazing musical project of Teddy Briggs from Sacramento, CA–Appetite. The music on Appetite’s recent album Scattered Smothered Covered plays with rhythms and silly melodies with dark themes. It’s really fascinating and I was so enraptured with it that I wanted to ask Teddy, the creator, a few questions.

    MP3 of “Tussy”
    MP3 of “Fiery Ring”

    S: First off, Appetite. Why the name? Does it mean something for the concept of the musical project or was it just something fun?

    Teddy: I was trying to think of cool band names (as usual) and I thought of Appetite.  I liked the way it sounded and then thought about what it might mean.  I think I initially related to the idea of hunger in making music, being hungry in part to be heard but also hungry to just make music no matter what, even if no one heard it.  Now I find even more potential meanings for the name, which is my favorite thing about words and language in general, meanings morph with time and context.