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  1. Bumbershootin’ Day 1: ZZ Ward and Gus + Scout

    September 7, 2013 by Dave

    Photos and Words by AJ Dent

    ZZ Ward

    An artist who can switch from soulful to lighthearted with a simple flick of her smile has definitely got my vote. While I usually envision dark lounges and dirty martinis when I listen to ZZ’s stuff, this sunny Saturday was surprisingly fitting. The Starbucks Stage, regularly known as The Mural, complemented Ward well, from her buttercup tresses and Persian rug pants to her cinnamony voice and hot lover of a guitar. Her equally into-it bandmates — repeatedly suppressing big ol’ grins to little avail — only helped frame the sultry female, turning hers into one of the day’s smoothest shows. “Put The Gun Down”? Only once yours stops smoking, Mz. Z, and we’re guessing that won’t be anytime soon.

    Gus + Scout

    Don’t you love discovering acts so endearing, you’re shocked they don’t have a Wikipedia page yet? It’s like they’re still a secret, something you can share with the right friends who’ll appreciate it too. Despite performing together since 2011, Gus + Scout still felt fresh during their Plaza Stage set — so much so, Scout came off as a bit nervous in my eyes. This is no dis, though; in fact, it added to the sweet-n-simple personality of their songs, the call-and-response format that heartbreakers like “Gone, Gone, Gone” feature. While their body language matched lyrics about cautious love, they certainly didn’t hold back their voices, which spooned together like two content cats. Start these two up next time you need some lazy Sunday afternoon tunes. And share ‘em with your friends. They deserve it.

  2. Bumbershootin’: Must-See Musicians Day 3

    September 2, 2013 by Dave

    Our writer AJ Dent gives us the low down on who we’d better be attending at Bumbershoot:

    2:00pm-3:00pm, Mainstage
    Be grateful these guys are a force for good. If they felt like asking you to join a cult, you’d be offering to sign anything in blood before the first sentence of their pitch was over. They’re that throw-yourself-into-a-volcano type of beautiful everyone’s ears so utterly crave. Thank god Mount St. Helens is a solid hundred miles from the festival.

    3:30pm-4:45pm, Mainstage
    Who knew that just saying four letters out loud could make the small of your back start to sweat? It’s rumored these wonderkings are in fact made up entirely of drugs. That’s right. Picture towers of acid sheets and pink pills connected by glow-in-the-dark veins. Somehow they acquired keyboards and microphones and took over all the serotonin cities inside us. Listen to them live. You’ll believe it too.

    Trampled by Turtles
    9:45pm-11:00pm, Starbucks Stage
    The smell of sawdust and campfires will waft through the memory of every audience member at this show, guaranteed. These guys’ fingers are like miniature Paul Bunyans having seizures all up and down banjo strings. They’re quite the dopey-smile-inducing sight, if you can stop dosey-doeing long enough to look at them. Cash in all your chips here to wrap up the Labor Day weekend of a lifetime. These dudes don’t disappoint.

  3. Bumbershootin’: Must-See Musicians Day 2

    September 2, 2013 by Dave

    Our writer AJ Dent gives us the low down on who we’d better be attending at Bumbershoot:

    The Grizzled Mighty
    6:30-7:30pm, Plaza Stage
    Even if you’ve never heard them yet, your own subconscious is saying “fuck yeah” to this band. Your world and Friday night pregaming playlist will never be the same after this dynamic duo holds you upside down by the ankles and shakes.

    Ra Ra Riot
    8:15pm-9:15pm, Mainstage
    Voices taut as tightropes will be the only thing below your floating feet the moment this band begins. Ever have one of those moments where everything in you aches to cry, laugh, and dance around in a swirl all at once? Oh, you will.

    Beats Antique
    8:45pm-10:00pm, Fountain Lawn Stage
    When you inevitably get so into this group’s jams you close your eyes and start to sway, what you’ll probably see in your head are elephants prancing and galaxies churning. But then you’ll open your eyes instantly, because the visual art they bring to the stage is even better than that.

  4. RAC- “Let Go”

    September 2, 2013 by Tristin


    I saw RAC for the first in concert before I even knew that the acronym stood for Remix Artist Collective, and I have to say they blew my mind. I liked every song they remixed better than the original and RAC stayed on repeat in my room for weeks after. From Lana Del Ray to Chromeo, RAC could do no wrong when it came to remixing. So when I learned that lead producer André Allen Anjos was set to release a completely original EP titled Don’t Talk To, I was giddy with excitement. While the EP is scheduled to release October 1st, RAC recently released the first single “Let Go,” featuring vocals from both Kele Okereke (remember Bloc Party?) and rising elctro-pop star MNDR. So how is this first taste of RAC’s debut venture into producing something that is entirely his own?

  5. Bumbershootin’: Must-See Musicians Day 1

    August 30, 2013 by Dave

    Our writer AJ Dent gives us the low down on who we’d better be attending at Bumbershoot:

    ZZ Ward
    4:45pm-5:45pm, Starbucks Stage
    Fair warning: You’ll need a cigarette after this performance. Go ahead and try to steel yourself against this woman’s whiskey-kiss vocals. We’ll try not to laugh too hard as you leave with your tie (and heartstrings) undone.

    6:15-7:15pm, Tunein Stage
    Take a good look at that band name. It’s daring you to try not to dance, and knowing you will fail. This act is enough to make the most set-jawed Seattleite get down. Just give in already. You won’t regret it.

    Washed Out
    9pm-10pm, Fountain Lawn Stage
    Yep, you’re going to want these sounds and the fountain lights rolling over you like waves near the end of Bumbershoot’s first day. Simultaneously slow and synthy, they’ll inspire you to ride the night’s positive vibes without partying yourself out too much for Sunday.

  6. Wavves – “That’s On Me”

    August 28, 2013 by Cam



    I’m so hungry. All those people eating ribs. It was a little discombobulating in the middle of Wavves’ new music video “That’s On Me,” but all in all still looked delicious.

    Now, I may be a sick individual if I can watch this video, which graphically filets a hanging pig, and leave hungry. But not everyone can enjoy a song which in one line says “You’ll regret your whole life” and in the next says, whatever. Wavves has been doing weird shit like this throughout their career and, let’s be honest, their music has always been a little off-kilter. They’re constantly bridging the real and the absurd, whether that be sonically or visually. This Waves track is the next in a line from these disenchanted rockers that I can get fully on board with. (more…)

  7. Cage the Elephant – “Come a Little Closer “

    August 27, 2013 by Tristin



    Cage the Elephant has never been a band constricted by a particular style, and they have continued to evolve and develop their sound with this new single, “Come a Little Closer.” After their first album and “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” took radio stations by storm and their second album Thank You Happy Birthday established them as more than a one hit wonder, Cage the Elephant had been remarkably quiet. But now their new album Melophobia is set to release October 8th and the lead single “Come a Little Closer” has quickly topped the charts as the number one most added track for Alternative Radio in the United States.  (more…)

  8. Dresses- Sun Shy EP

    August 25, 2013 by Hannah



    A “match made in heaven” is not just a silly cliché exclusively for fairytales, as Timothy Heller and Jared Ryan Maldonado prove. Joining together in 2012 to form the band Dresses, this duo from Portland, Oregon has the sweetest pair of vocals around. Both artists have very light and calming voices, never missing a high note making them an absolute joy. Dresses’ latest EP Sun Shy dropped July 23rd, just in time to take the edge off those back to school blues and remind us how beautiful the end of summer can be.

    After I got over how freakin’ clever the title “Sun Shy” is, I took a listen to the track of the same name. I was not really sure what to expect but less than 2 seconds into the song, Maldonado enters with some pretty smooth vocals. The amazing thing is, because of their minimal instrumentation, his voice shines through clearly. Next came Heller’s part, light and carefree, hitting the high notes easily and unrestrained, drawing comparisons to Ellie Goulding. The transition between each member’s vocals is so flawless in every song, making it a soft and gentle listening experience.

    Including “Sun Shy,” there are 9 tracks on this lovely EP that range from quick and poppy to leisurely and calming, each of which will bring a smile to your face. These songs are a perfect addition to anyone’s music library so go find your favorite Dresses song.

    Start with listening to the track “Sun Shy” here:

    And then head over to iTunes to check of the rest. Happy listening.

  9. Capitol Hill Block Party Finale: Flaming Lips

    August 22, 2013 by Dave

    We’re closing out this series with the photos that I dig the most of the entire weekend. The Flaming Lips are certainly one to put on a great show and they did not disappoint. Through some crazy series of events I ended up on the roof of a building next to the main stage again and was able to grab shots that would have been otherwise impossible. This entire experience was unreal, I am incredibly pleased with the photos and I hope that you are too. Thanks for reading/looking.

    Please email me at dave at addicted2shows dot com if you’d like a high res version of any of the photos featured in this series.