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  1. Mozart Season and Letlive. in Albany, NY

    November 21, 2010 by John

    Mozart Season and Letlive.

    Experiencing Albany, New York for the first time, Mozart Season and Letlive. were a long way from home.

    Mozart Season -

    Sacramento, California’s finest, Mozart Season (Equal Vision Records), is fashioned of vocalist Nate Richardson, guitarists’ Benton Christensen and Sam Trux, bassist Troy Cooper, and drummer Luke Allen.  The quintette released their debut EP on Equal Vision Records in July entitled NightmaresNightmares express real life issues, experiences, and struggles, conveyed through vocal and instrumental assaults.  The EP’s reflection motif echoes Mozart Season’s style of passionate melodic post-hardcore.

    The band radiates a contagious “Positive Mental Attitude”, as tattooed on Benton wrist, creating and spreading good energy.  Tearing at the stage, Mozart Season’s energetic stage presence was extremely tight.

    Letlive. -

    Los Angeles, California’s Letlive. (Tragic Hero Records) spent more time in the crowd than on stage.    Together, vocalist Jason Butler, bassist Ryan Johnson, drummer Anthony Rivera, and guitarists Jean Nascimento and Jeff Sahyoun have redefined the hardcore punk genre.  Front man Jason Butler was up, down, over, and out – back flipping off the walls, howling from his knees, tearing through the crowd, screaming at the top of his lungs, aggressive and tireless.  “We will play no matter how many people show up” – revealed Sahyoun  – confession of truly honorable musician.  Letlive. is built upon a foundation of enthusiasm and intensity.  They released their third album, Fake History, in April.

    Never have I met such inspiring and kind people.

  2. The Posies – Blood/ Candy

    September 27, 2010 by John

    The Posies are an alternative indie rock quartet hailing from Seattle, Washington.  Born in 1987, The Posies are preparing to release their seventh studio album, Blood/ Candy, released by Rykodisc Records.  Twenty years ago, two teenagers, Jon Auer (Big Star) and Ken Stringfellow (R.E.M. & Big Star), began writing songs together.  The Posies is currently composed of Auer (Guitar, Vocals), Stringfellow (Guitar, Vocals), Matt Harris (Bass), and Darius Mainwalla (Drums).

    Blood/ Candy is chalk full of soulful soft melodies and harmonious lyrics, weaved with indie folk rock compositions.  The Posies scores of simple instrumentation create a vintage, polished and consistent tenor.  The release is a combination of different styles, genres and influences acquired over this outfit’s lasting career.  The album has a classic old-fashioned sound that will not drown – an album that takes you back in time.  Through Blood/ Candy The Posies lengthy career is made clear.  Blood/ Candy’s feel-good essence is haunting, I would go as far as to compare their song-writing style to The Beatles.

    The Posies will be touring through Europe until mid-October, good luck guys!

    Listen to their single “Licenses to Hide”

  3. Comeback Kid’s New Release Symptoms and Cures

    August 30, 2010 by John

    Symptoms and Cures by Comeback Kid

    Symptoms and Cures by Comeback Kid

    Hardcore punk heroes, Comeback Kid, will release their fourth album tomorrow entitled Symptoms and Cures through Distort Records. Comeback Kid is presently tailored of vocalist Andrew Neufeld, guitarists Jeremy Hiebert and Casey Hjelmberg, bassist Matt Keil, and drummer Kyle Profeta. Comeback Kid may have a new voice proceeding the departure of vocalist Scott Wade, but the band’s tenor and heart have done anything but falter. Comeback Kid’s roots have grown strong, and their sound consistent. Their demeanor may have changed, but their expression, not. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada, Comeback Kid has endured a storm or two of their own, becoming a keystone of good old-fashioned hardcore punk.

    Symptoms and Cures may not have the same voice, but it speaks the same. Comeback Kid’s latest is anything but delicate. Finger-licking tough punk at its best pressed with classic badass Comeback Kid breakdowns. Catchy sing-a-longs as heard in “G.M. Vincent & I” are expressed and screamed with heart and fortitude. This seasoned quintet has proven to be strong and will persist. My album favorites: “Do Yourself A Favor”, “Manifest”, and “Get Alone” – Comeback Kid at their best. Pick this one up and you will not be disappointed.

    Following the release, the outfit will set sail on a September long Canadian tour with A Wilhelm Scream and Madball. Best of luck on the road and wherever it may lead.

  4. Polar Bear Club

    July 12, 2010 by John

    The Chain Reaction June 23, 2010 Anaheim, CA

    Polar Bear Club, a band of Rochester, New York natives, was formed in the summer of 2005.  Bridge 9’s latest hardcore punk band is fashioned of vocalist Jimmy Stadt, lead guitarist Chris Browne, rhythm guitarist Nate Morris, bassist Erik Henning and drummer Emmett Menke.   The outfit added their sophomore full-length album Chasing Hamburg in May of 2009 to their already explosive and strong portfolio.  This record is littered with raw vocals, passionate sing-a-longs, and fast, catchy melodies.  Polar Bear Club’s consistent sound and style only flowers with the gravity, momentum and worth of a band that knows who they are and who they want to be.

    Polar Bear Club’s last stop before their first ever Warped Tour was at The Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California on June 23, 2010.  Vancouver, British Columbia’s Living With Lions warmed up Anaheim with smiles, despite it being the end of the road.  This pop-punk party will be releasing their new album – Make Your Mark next week on Adeline Records. Bridge 9’s most recent signing, Lemuria, was next to take the stage and kept the blood flowing.  This Buffalo-based indie punk trio did nothing less than leave me wanting more; their crunchy and honest voice is anything but hard to hear.  Purchase, New York’s indie rock quartet Moving Mountains transformed the atmosphere in Anaheim.  The experimental and ambient melodies made my toes curl and the crowd geared up for what was to come.

    Without further adieu, Polar Bear Club proceeded to shut the Chain Reaction down.  Their energy and intensity was nowhere near matched by any of the preceding bands.  The crowd quickly became a wave of screams fighting through an ocean to get to the stage.  Because it was the last night of the tour, Polar Bear Club treated Anaheim to an extra long set.  I’ve never once seen a band rock so hard. I left the Chain Reaction dripping with sweat with ears that would be ringing for the next three days.  I wish Polar Bear Club the best of luck on their first Warped Tour, and hope to see them again soon in upstate New York.