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Sasquatch: The Antlers

June 24, 2011 by Ross

The Antlers by Ernest A. Jasmin (

The Antlers by Ernest A. Jasmin (

One performance I thought was one of the best-kept secrets at Sasquatch was The Antlers. While the majority people where at Iron & Wine, I stuck around the Bigfoot Stage to see what this Brooklyn indie rock group had to offer.

The Antlers brought the heat with incredible instrumentals especially from Darby Cicci on the keyboards. The organ-like sounds flowed perfectly with Peter Silberman’s vocals creating the perfect mood. The set was a great way to start the night performances. Performing their single “Two” for their final song was the cherry on top of the sundae for me. Overall, I loved every second of the Antlers’ set.

Listen to “Two”:

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