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Sutja Gutierrez’s White Ponycorn In My Room EP

June 19, 2011 by Kaitlin

Spanish musician Sutja Gutierrez integrates opposing forces of dark and light, hard and soft to create his latest EP White Ponycorn In My Room. Acoustic guitar, distorted with synths and other noises, accompany his melodic voice in a simultaneously happy and uneasy way.  Mellow jam, “Borderline (Hell, I’m The)” and ending lullaby “Oh, Say Good Bye (Outro)” illuminate Gutierrez’s softer side, while “I Don’t Want To Be Alone (Reprise)” and “Another Room (Called Doom)” exude the musician’s fascination with darkness and distortion. Gutierrez’s echoed lyrics and indie pop instrumentals create a sound comparable to Portishead meets Thom Yorke. The record is being sold for $1 on his bandcamp with all donations funding Gutierrez’s US tour.

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